Craig Rogers


Red Frog, a complete online ecosystem of digital marketing products and services, including, Website Design/Branding and Logistics, Foundational Infrastructure and Security, Content Creation and Delivery, Social Media Marketing and Community Building, Sales Funnels and Strategies, Reporting and Analytics, SEO (search engine optimization), and eCommerce web solutions. We call it "CANOPY". With a direct approach to content marketing and community building, Red Frog clients are able to we intersect existing online conversations, influence new narratives, and educate potential and existing customers. Our comprehensive social media, content and eCommerce platforms amplify engagement with new and seasoned customers in a way that dramatically increases overall brand awareness, visibility and customer satisfaction, and sales. This powerful platform, contained and enhanced within our own online ecosystem, will be used to create several, distinct marketing channels, which will drive traffic back to the website to be a part of the community devoted to your messaging, products and brand. We partner with medium and large scale companies - spanning a wide spectrum of different industries; Behavioral Health, Aviation, Specialty Beverages, Hair Care, Merchant Financial Services, Content Marketing, Behavioral Health, Wine, and Wineries. At Red Frog SEO, our passion is about people and helping people to fulfill their vision and accomplish their dream. We are very selective with regard to the clients we chose. We only work with clients who are also committed to making a significant positive impact on the world.



  • Saas All-in-One Digital Marketing Platform
  • Content Delivery Platform
  • Lead Management Systems
  • Client Relations Management


Office Hours 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday